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The Sentinel Solution from Kerr Group

Careful young drivers often complain that they are unfairly penalised by the escalating cost of car insurance. You haven’t had a chance yet to build up No Claims Bonus and prove to Insurers that you are a safe risk. In the meantime you have to share the rising cost of mistakes made by reckless drivers in your peer group.


At Kerr Group, we  felt something had to be done about the problem – so we took the initiative to talk to major underwriters and we created the Sentinel Scheme for young drivers. Sentinel gives young drivers the “benefit of the doubt” from Day One and offers a heavily discounted rate.

All you have to do in return is prove to us that you are a careful driver…..

So how do I prove I’m a Careful Driver?

A requirement of the scheme is that you purchase a specified ‘black box’ telematics device which records and transmits data about your driving behaviours such as:

  • Adherence to restricted speed limits (built up areas etc.)
  • Harsh acceleration
  • Harsh breaking
  • Harsh steering
  • Maximum speeds
  • Extent of use

The device is small, discreet and inexpensive.

By monitoring the telematics data, Kerr Group will be able to make an assessment of your driving ability and provide you, your parents and the insurer with feedback.

As the heavily discounted premium offered by Insurers will be on the basis that you drive within an agreed set of parameters, this means that for the first time you will have control over the cost of your car insurance.

So if you can control your driving, you can control your costs.

In practice Kerr Group Sentinel Solutions can:

  • Positively influence your behaviour and driving performance
  • Potentially, reduce the risk of an accident
  • Encourage you to become a more competent and confident road user.
  • Enable you to take  control over the cost of your car insurance

If you want to drive your insurance costs down by purchasing a Sentinel Solution then  contact your local office today

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